House rules and information

You must register before entering the campsite. Arrival at the campsite is from 2 pm to 8 pm, this applies to the free camping spots. When you have rented an accommodation, the arrival is from 16h to 20h (there is an inventory list in your accommodation, check it and pass it on the same day if something is wrong, this is not done and something is broken or missing something at the final inspection this will be for your account). In the case of late arrival, you must indicate this and we will keep your place free for 24 hours. (you can pin with us)

To reserve
When you make a reservation with us, we ask you to make a down payment, your reservation is only definitive after receiving the down payment. If you cancel your reservation you must have a good reason (and proof of it), such as a death in the immediate family or serious illness. If this is not the case, we will not return any money. gave back.

Opening hours
The reception is open every day from 8 am to 11 am and from 2 pm to 8 pm. When the reception is closed during opening hours you can ring the bell at the reception and then someone will come to the reception.

Eating place
You can order bread every day in July and August and pick it up the next day from 8 am to 9.30 am. The restaurant is open every day from 6 pm, in the high season the kitchen closes at 9:30 pm and the low season is at 8 pm.

You can park your car on your own spot (not on the paths), if you don’t want that, you can choose to leave your car outside the campsite. After 21h it is not allowed to enter the campsite with your car and you must leave it outside the campsite.

We separate our waste and have special containers for plastic, glass, cardboard cans and residual waste. Bulky waste such as broken tables and chairs, leaking tents and air mattresses are welcome to take back home and dispose of yourself.

We like to keep our sanitary buildings clean and we ask you to cooperate, after using a shower, toilet or washbasins we ask you to leave them clean, close doors and turn off the lights. In connection with septic tanks, we ask you not to put wipes, wet wipes, tampons, sanitary pads, etc. in the toilets. You can empty your chemical toilet in the designated drain.

Camping places
Keep the camping spots clean and do not leave any waste here. Use Abu rubber hole carpet under the tent or awning. No plastic cover under the (awning) tent, because of the preservation of the grass. On departure you must leave your place before 10 am.

Open fires
Under no circumstances is it possible to make open fires or to barbecue on coal, only gas on gas is allowed.

Swimming pool
The swimming pool is open in June, July and August from 9 am to 7.30 pm. It is forbidden to dive into the pool and to throw stones in it, even sharp objects are not allowed in the pool. The pool is closed in rain and thunder. Entering the pool is at your own risk and it is not allowed to allow small children to swim alone, a parent must be present at all times. Topless recreation is not permitted. moving the beds is allowed, but put them back after use. do not use the flower boxes to go from one swimming pool to the other.

Sound and / or music
Is allowed gently but does take each other into account, and not after 9:00 pm.

Have respect for our things! An accident can always happen but let us know. If something is deliberately destroyed, we will hold you liable for it and the campsite will be removed. Children should not walk around the campsite with pocket knives and saws or play in our planters.

Mandatory on a leash and walk outside the campsite.

After 10 p.m. we will keep it quiet at the campsite and around the campfire.

The hosts / women cannot be held liable in any way for personal injury and loss of personal property or material damage arising during the stay at the campsite. We wish you a very pleasant stay and ask you to report if something is not to your liking so that we can remedy it.